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Download Page –

1 – Enable developer mode for Windows
3 – Login to same account on both Microsoft Store and Xbox Live
4 – Search for Football Manager 2023 Demo( in the Microsoft Store, download up to 200 mb and pause
5 – After pausing, do not cancel it, just close the store
6 – Run Football Manager 2023\FM2023.bat
7 – Launch the FM 2023 demo from the Start Menu. Only if the demo doesn’t launch, enter the Microsoft Store, resume and finish the download and launch the FM 2023 demo
8 – After launching you will log in to Xbox Live, once you log in, close the FM demo. You can use the task manager to close it.
9 – If you were able to launch the demo without finishing the download, cancel the demo download now on Microsoft Store. If you finished the download, ignore this step.
10 – Now you can launch and play Football Manager 2023 from the Football Manager 2023\fm.exe

For INGAME-EDITOR Run from the Football Manager 2023\fmWE.exe

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